USLegal Client Service Standards

The USLegal Client Service Standards were adopted by US Legal, LLC and are not represented to be Rules established by States governing the Profession of Law.  All attorneys in each State are required to comply with Ethics and other rules in their State.  The USLegal Standards are designed to increase the confidence in the legal profession, as well as consider the evolution of the practice of law affordable to all.

Standard 1:  All Clients will be treated fairly.

Standard 2:  All Clients will be communicated with on a timely basis.

Standard 3:  Complaints to US Legal, LLC by your Client(s) may result in revocation of your right to advertise on USLegal properties in the sole discretion of US Legal, LLC.

Standard 4:  Only attorneys with three (3) or more years experience may display the USLegal Badge.

Standard 5:  You may provide Unbundled Legal Services to clients in accordance with the laws of your State.  Note:  Unbundled Legal Service examples include document preparation, document review, pro se assistance and other similar legal services.  These services are designed to save the client money while at the same time providing the client with attorney quality limited legal services.

Standard 6:  You will represent the interests of the Client according to the desires of your Client and the laws of your State.

Standard 7:    All communications between you and your client are confidential and shall not be disclosed to third parties without the consent of the Client.