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The Tools & Techniques of Income Tax Planning


This single-volume reference takes you through all the income tax topics your clients may encounter, no matter where they originate, providing easy-to-understand, practical guidance for situations that are often confusing.

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Product Description

As non-tax legislation continues to directly and indirectly affect current tax law, more and more financial advisors, planners, and insurance professionals are finding themselves in need of reliable tools and expert insights into up-to-date income tax planning techniques.

This new, completely updated 5th edition of The Tools & Techniques of Income Tax Planning provides all of that in abundance. In fact, this edition has been significantly enhanced with the specific goal of enabling you to:

  • Help your individual and business clients plan for and manage complex income, wealth and debt issues
  • Avoid common, and costly, tax planning mistakes when putting together a financial plan for your clients
  • Bridge the gap between your clients and their dedicated tax practitioners
  • Save time—when serving both your individual and small business clients