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Personal Lines Endorsements Coverage Guide


This unique resource delivers a complete and practical overview of personal lines endorsements for home, dwelling and auto coverages, making it easier than ever to identify and include the proper endorsements to match the precise circumstances of each individual insured.

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Product Description

Personal Lines Endorsements Coverage Guide presents and analyzes the endorsements in detail, providing explanations as to how they should be used and the coverage they provide. This practical resource stands out as the ultimate desk reference for understanding endorsements, when they should be added, and what coverage they provide. You get instant access to: 

» In-depth explanations of common and not-so-common endorsements for home, dwelling and auto policies

» Full explanations of all endorsements, including available limits

» At-a-glance charts showing state-specific variances to the many auto endorsements

Save Time and Worry—One Resource Guides You Fully Through Personal Lines Endorsements 

Providing a thorough discussion of ISO endorsements by policy and endorsement type, Personal Lines Endorsements Coverage Guide is organized with chapters broken out by category to make referencing particular needs easy.

Endorsements discussed include:

• Additional insured • Trusts

• Increased coverages • Mobile homes

• Home businesses including daycare

• Earthquake

• Sinkhole • Windstorm and hail losses

• Loss settlement options

• Condominium coverage

• Farmers personal liability

• Exclusions

• Miscellaneous vehicles

• Computer coverage • Identity theft

• Fungi coverage

• Water backup

• Canine liability exclusion

• Home sharing• Drones

• And much more!

Auto endorsements discussed include:

• Named driver exclusions • Custom equipment

• Named non-owner and extended non-owner

• Miscellaneous vehicles


• UM and UIM