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Life Settlement Planning


Gain expertise in a niche market that is projected to grow at least $15 billion per year. Life Settlement Planning is a comprehensive, practical guide covering the entire spectrum of the life settlement business.

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Product Description

Life Settlement Planning, offers objective and authoritative in-depth information on a specialty market, delivered in the respected tried-and-true method that has become a hallmark of the Tools & Techniques Series.

Professionals will gain exclusive insight into a market that is currently estimated to be valued at $15-18 Billion per year, and is projected to grow up to $140 Billion by 2016.

Life Settlement Planning covers the gamut of the life settlement business: from what life settlements are, how and why they work, and the various parties involved. Gain an understanding of the benefits and opportunities for individual, trust, business, academic, or other organizational owners, as well as tips for making settlements work, and case-studies that illustrate the variety of ways that a life settlement can prove to be a valuable transaction.

Also gain frank discussion on the disadvantages and risks of life settlements, from loss of creditor protection, jeopardizing eligibility for government benefits, or future purchases of life insurance and more.

Packed with information and tools and principles that can be applied systematically, Life Settlement Planning will prepare any financial professional for success in this growing emerging market.