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US Legal, Inc. provides online legal information and resources online including Legal Definitions, Law Digest, Legal Q&A, Reporter, Law Quiz, US Legal Blog, SearchLaw and Find Attorney.

Legal Definitions

Browse through thousands of legal definitions all prepared by attorneys and expanded in detail to provide you with information beyond the typical definition format. If you don’t find what you need you may request that any legal term be defined. Go to Legal Definitions

Law Digest

The US Legal Law Digest is designed to provide you with general information on hundreds of legal topics. It includes statutory laws, summaries of key subject areas of law and questions and answers using a legal teaching style. If you don’t find what you need, ask your question. Visit the US Legal Law Digest.

LegalLife™ Resource Center

The LegalLife Resource Center contains information and resources to help you organize your LegalLife™. It includes a Guide to Creating a Life Documents File, LegalLife™ Checkup, Organizing Guide, Case Examples and Personal Planning Packages.

Find Attorney

The USlegal Lawyer Directory provides you with access to thousands of lawyers in numerous specialty areas of law ready to assist you with your legal matters when you need help. You can contact the lawyer you select online. Lawyers may apply to include their firm in the directory. US Legal Lawyer Directory.

Legal Questions and Answers

US Legal Answers is the place to turn if you have a specific question about the law and need an answer. You can browse through categories of questions to see if information you need is already available or you can submit a question of your own to have it answered by an attorney.

US Legal™ Reporter

The US Legal Reporter help keeps you informed about the latest happenings in legal news, legislation and case law developments.

US Legal™ Law Quiz

The US Legal LawQuiz offers you a chance to test your knowledge or educate you about various areas of law, and legal matters. It’s Fun and Free.

Save $ on Legal Fees

The US Legal Legal Matter Interview and Case Preparation Service assistance helps you prepare before you have your first visit with your attorney. You will save money and your attorney will be impressed that you are prepared.

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