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US Legal™ is a multi-faceted legal publishing company which integrates legal products and services, legal information and resources, and support. US Legal™ serves the needs of consumers, small businesses, attorneys, corporations, and other user groups.

See an overview of our products and service offerings below.

Legal Products and Services

Legal Forms – US Legal’s flagship website, US, is the nation’s leading provider of state-specific legal forms on the Internet. US now lists more than 70,000 downloadable documents for business and personal use. All users of US are invited to become Registered Users to save 10% on form purchases. See

Form Subscriptions – Law firms, small businesses, corporations, and American libraries can now obtain subscriptions to thousands of legal forms maintained in US Legal’s database. Visit for details.

LegalLife Guides and Handbooks – US Legal guides provide education on key areas of law. Popular handbooks include LandLord Tenant, Employment, and Estate Planning and End of Life Issues.

Legal Matter and Case Preparation Service – This service is a starting point to help individuals prepare before they have a first meeting with an attorney to discuss a pressing legal matter or concern.

Information and Resources

Legal Definitions – US Legal’s online law dictionary contains thousands of legal terms defined by attorneys and explained in detail. If you don’t find the legal term you need, you may request a definition.

Legal Answers – US Legal answers your specific legal questions. You can find state-specific answers to legal questions by searching our Q&A database, or you can ask your question directly.

Legal Life Resource Center – Contains free online information and resources to help you organize your legal life. It includes a Guide to Creating a Life Documents File, LegalLife™ Checkup, Organizing Guide, Case Examples and Personal Planning Packages.

Law Digest – Offers free law summaries for many legal topics. It includes statutory laws, summary of laws and questions and answers. Visit the US Legal Law Digest.

US LegalReporter – The US Legal Reporter keep individuals up to date on the latest happenings in legal news, legislation, and case law developments.

US Legal Law Quizzes – Enable the public can test their knowledge and learn about the law.

Attorney Services

Marketing – US Legal’s Attorney Directory can help attorneys and law firms to broaden their reach to prospective clients. All attorneys are welcome to apply for a listing. For more information, visit our Attorney Directory.

US Legal Support – Attorneys and law firms needing additional assistance with document preparation and paralegals can now turn to US Legal Support. Let us know your needs and requirements.

More Information

For more information about all US Legal products and services, please contact us.