USLegal, Inc. has established as a quasi-open platform, allowing third-parties to participate in building USLegal for its visitors.  In doing so, USLegal also establishes various partnerships in order to bring you access to a wide selection of products and services to help address your legal needs.

USLegal is open to  anyone who has legal information, products or services to offer, whether you are an attorney, company, developer or other contributor.  o

Build USLegal participants or partner options include:

  1. Management of a sub-domain of related to their business or interest.
  2. Offering USLegal visitors access to participants information, products or services primarily through white label or co-branded sub-domains of USLegal.
  3. Blog Management.
  4. Contribution of content for publication on USLegal or the relevant sub-domain of USLegal.
  5. Offering USLegal information, products and services to partners either as affiliates, white label or co-branded offers.
  6. Offering products and services from other Companies as an affiliate or partner.
  7. Affiliate or Partner

Simply complete the Build USLegal Program Application.

Released online on January 26, 2010,an article appearing in the Harvard Journal of Law & Technology, titled "Leveraging Technology to Deliver Legal Services", concludes that, "If such integration is achieved, online legal services will quickly transform into the type of online pure-play, multi-sided, quasi-open platforms envisioned in this note." The article discusses USLegal and in essence concludes that the Build USLegal Program is focused squarely on what the future delivery of online legal services will encompass.