Military Users

Military personnel often have a greater need to be legally prepared as they are called to active duty. US Legal attempts to meet this need by providing legal products and services tailored for them.

Among our offerings for members of the military are Legal Forms, a Life Documents Forms Package for Military Personnel, and Form Subscriptions.

Legal Forms

US Legal is proud to provide military personnel and their families with access to the most complete and unique database of legal forms available through US All are invited to become a Registered User of US and to receive 10% off every purchase.

Life Documents Forms Package for Military

The Legal Life Documents Forms Package for Military contains essential life documents, such as a Will, Living Will and various Power of Attorney forms. Other useful forms are also included to assist Military personnel in getting their legal life in order. See

Form Subscriptions

Subscriptions to US Legal form products are marketed to all divisions of the military through Gale LegalForms. Visit for details.

More Information

For more information about the products available to military customers, please contact us.