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Cookie Policy

This policy explains how and when airSlate Legal Forms, Inc. (the “Company”) uses and collects cookies from its users when providing them services (“Services”).

Does Company use cookies?

Cookies are small data files that Company sends to a user’s browser and computer. Cookies are essential for providing you access to the features and functionality of the Services.

How does Company use cookies?

Company uses both persistent cookies and session ID cookies. Persistent cookies help save your data for future logins to Company. Session ID cookies enable features for you in the Services and help Company understand how you interact with the Services.

Company also uses cookies to enable security features and to deliver marketing campaigns.

How does Company use cookies for marketing?

Company uses cookies, beacons, pixels, and tags to monitor and analyze aggregate usage of the Services as well as routing of web traffic. We use this data to research and improve our features and services with the goal of delivering a better customer experience.

How to opt-out cookies?

If you don’t want to allow cookies to track your activity, you can instruct your browser to stop accepting cookies or to warn you before accepting them. However, if your browser doesn’t accept cookies, you won’t be able to use our Services.

Does Company collect user data about online activities?

Service doesn’t collect user information beyond the use of cookies. Online activity across third-party websites and other online services is not collected.

Updates to Cookie Policy

This policy may be updated from time to time. If any changes are made, this page will reflect those changes.

Last Updated May 2018