Consumers and Small Businesses

US Legal Pryramid

Consumers and Small Businesses

For Consumers and Small Business, USLegal offers a parymid of legal information, products and services, which include the following:

Legal Information & Knowledge

USLegal provides a wealth of free legal information to help, including Legal Definitions, Law Summaries, Questions & Answers, as well as hunrends of Legal Topics.

US has been providing legal forms on the Internet since 1999. Choose from thousands of legal forms prepared to comply with the laws of your state. US offers state specific documents used by attorneys, consumers and business accross the nation.

Form Subscriptions

Designed for attorneys – Formspass delivers a full gamut of legal forms directly to lawyers in a simple easy to use subscription. Form Subscriptions are available by state or by legal area.

Legal Document Services

Let Us Help You Create State Specific Legal Documents. Our Services website is used by attorneys, consumers and businesses across the nation. Let us help you prepare your Will, Living Will, Incorporation and many other legal documents. More about document preparation services here.

Attorney Services

The USlegal Attorney Directory provides you with access to thousands of lawyers in dozens of areas of law ready to assist you with your legal matters when you need help. You can contact the lawyer you select online. Lawyers may apply to include their firm in the directory.

Find An Attorney

Full representation can be found using US Legal’s lawyer network. If you are involved in a complicated legal matter, we will put you in touch with a team of trusted lawyers.

Complex Legal Matters

US Legal offers the ability to help you with complex matters. Our trusted attorney network can send a team of lawyers to handle your situation.

US Legal, Inc. has maintained an active presence on the Internet as a legal publisher since 1997. The Company owns and operates top legal web sites
to assist attorneys, small businesses and the public.