US Legal, Inc. Newsletter – October 2009

Welcome to USLegal’s October Newsletter. We’re expanding our line of forms and packages for small businesses, and have just rolled out our Storage Business Package. We also want show you our USLegal Paralegals website – actively maintained by a leading paralegal author – featuring practical networking tools, articles and information for paralegals and the attorneys who hire them. Read on for details.

At USLegal, customer satisfaction is our greatest asset and goal. If we’ve made your legal life easier, please tell your friends and family about us. If you have a routine legal need, make us your first stop. And now, our news:

Storage Business Package – Ten Essential Forms

This new package contains forms to help a storage business owner properly provide storage services and minimize the potential for litigation. A variety of agreements are included, to cover the various types of property that may be stored in the course of business, as well as forms to deal with customer defaults. The documents in the package include the following:

1. General Storage Agreement: Warehouse Company for Storage of Goods
2. Storage Services Contract
3. Lease for Storage of Goods
4. Lease of Storage Space for Food in Frozen Food Locker
5. Lease of Storage Space with Warehouse Company
6. Warehouse and Storage Agreement
7. Notice of Belief of Abandonment of Leased Premises
8. Automobile Storage Agreement
9. Notice of Sale to Satisfy Lien of Self-Service Storage Facility
10. Lease of Storage Space for Household Goods

Click here to select the Storage Business Package for your state.

‘USLegal Paralegals’ – Networking, News, Info and Articles for Paralegals and Attorneys

USLegal Paralegals is our new paralegal resources website. Managed by pioneer paralegal and author Carole Bruno, the new portal provides networking benefits and features for paralegals and attorneys alike. The website sprouted from our Build USLegal program, which aims to transform USLegal into a community covering every legal subject, maintained by content managers drawn from legal experts nationwide.

USLegal Paralegals professional networking tools include a ‘Paralegal Job Connection’ that allows attorneys the opportunity to review a private online database of resumes of highly qualified paralegals available for employment nationally, whether permanent, freelance or virtual. In addition, USLegal Paralegals offers an internship program featuring an online database of paralegal students located throughout the nation available to work as paid or unpaid interns.

Build USLegal: Host and Manage Your Legal Content with Us

Join USLegal and help us continue to make USLegal the premier destination for legal information, products and services – and make money! To contact us about Build USLegal, and for more information on the program, click here. We’re searching for legal Authors, Subject Matter Specialists, Publishers, CLE Providers, and Legal Forms Databases. If you have written legal subject matter or form books, articles or seminar materials, learn how to leverage the power of USLegal to turn the works into continuing revenue. If you are a specialist in your field, manage content within your area of specialty and earn income on a continuing basis.

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Featured Product of the Month

* Bill of Sale *

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Legal News In Brief

We track breaking legal news at the USLegal Reporter. Check in regularly to stay updated on top national legal stories. These are some of the items of interest we’ve spotted in the last month:

Brooke Astor’s Son Anthony Marshall Convicted of Fraud, Grand Larceny
The son of Brooke Astor, Anthony Marshall, has been convicted of bilking his mother out of millions of dollars. Brooke Astor, a well-known philanthropist and member of New York high society, died in 2007 at the age of 105. Her son was accused of tricking her into changing her will, diverting money to himself and his wife Charlene, rather than to the charities she had intended to benefit. Astor, who suffered from Alzheimer’s, had an estate was worth a reported $200 million and had given millions to institutions such as the New York Public Library, Carnegie Hall and other causes.

Supreme Court Won’t Force Illinois to Issue Choose Life Plates
An anti-abortion group has lost its attempt to force the state to issue driver license plates with “Choose Life” printed on them. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal from the federal appeals court decision. The Seventh Circuit ruling held that the Illinois system for approving specialty plates was not discriminatory. The case, Choose Life Illinois v. White, was filed in 2004 after citizens had collected more than the necessary number of signatures, but were denied a “Choose Life” license plate. As in other states, the proceeds from the proposed “Choose Life” license plates would have been directed to organizations such as pregnancy care centers that provide adoption counseling and referrals.

Ohio Court Says Voters Need to Approve Video Lottery
The Ohio Supreme Court has struck down the state’s plan to put up to 17,500 video lottery terminals at horse racing tracks. filed a lawsuit, arguing that the state constitution requires voter approval of the state’s gambling plan. The state had argued that the plan not subject to voter approval because it was part of appropriation process and revenues were allocated to education. The court ordered the Secretary of State to allow the plaintiffs to pursue a referendum. Meanwhile, the state will forego the expected revenues of $933 million over two years until a referendum may be placed on the November 2010 ballot. The state was expecting to use the projected revenues to address a $3.2 billion shortfall in the latest two-year budget, in order not to raise taxes.

Check out controversial legal issues of the moment with us at the USLegal Blog. I’ve recently become aware of the legal meltdown occurring in the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS). If you work in the realm of foreclosure, lending, etc, as an attorney or in any capacity, you need to be aware of this cascading situation and take appropriate steps.

Have a Legal Question? Ask a Lawyer

If you want to find out more information about a certain area of law, consider USLegal’s Ask a Lawyer service. The service enables you to submit your question to a lawyer who will provide you with legal information.

The charge for this service is $15.95 per question.

Legal advice is not provided. If your question cannot be answered without providing legal advice, you will not be charged. In the event you desire to retain an attorney, you will be provided with sources for choosing an attorney for you to consider.

Law and Legal Definitions

Making Home Affordable Plan

Making Home Affordable or the MHA Plan is put in place by US Treasury to stabilize the housing market by encouraging lower mortgage rates and making it easier for millions to refinance and avoid foreclosure. Lenders are increasingly moving towards foreclosure and home prices are being driven lower. It has been found that foreclosure on a home has reduced the prices of homes in nearby area. In order to improve the situation, the Obama Administration on February 18, 2009 announced the MHA program to help struggling homeowners stay in their homes.

On March 4, 2009 detailed program guidelines were published by the Administration. The MHA program aims to support a recovery in the housing market and ensure that workers can continue paying off their mortgages. Servicers covering more than 75 percent of loans in the country have begun modifications and refinancing under the MHA program.

The MHA Plan can provide assistance to as many as 7-9 million homeowners who make sincere effort to make their mortgage payments timely. MHA encourages borrowers to stay current in their mortgage payments. It provides incentives to qualifying lenders and borrowers. The incentives will reduce the principal balance on the loan every month when timely payment is made.

For the rest of our information on the Making Home Affordable Plan, read the full entry.

For more legal definitions, please visit USLegal’s free online legal dictionary.

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