Help Build USLegal

USLegal is a Quasi Open Platform

Similar to platforms like WordPress and companies like Apple, USLegal has opened it’s network to developers, other Companies and legal industry players to join the USLegal Network through the Build USLegal Program.

div class=”col3 br fr” style=”margin-right:20px”>Just like developers create applications for the iphone and ipad which are approved by Apple and then downloaded by users, developers and Companies join USLegal and offer their product, service or application through our network, while at the same time operating their Company independently.

By joining the USLegal Network, you can take advantage of over 3 million unique users per month.
Whether you already own a legal related site or product, or are creating a new site or Company, consider USLegal.  Be joining together, you can be a part of the newest legal innovation on the Internet.
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