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Bankruptcy filings increase yearly. US Legal provides products and assistance to help you through the decision to file and filing.

The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 implemented various changes in Bankruptcy law and procedure that had stood substantially unchanged for years. US Legal had the newly updated forms online and ready to go prior to the federal deadline for discontinuance of the old forms in October of 2005, as well as comprehensive information and discussion of the new “Means Test” and the “Statement of Monthly Income and Disposable Income Calculation.”

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The US Legal staff maintains the most current federal and local bankruptcy forms. We have responded to numerous subsequent announced and unannounced updates in a prompt manner. We offer Bankruptcy Forms Packages for each Bankruptcy District Court, containing not only the forms needed, but also insightful explanations of the purpose and procedure of each form. We include “completed samples,” illustrating how each form might be filled out.

Bankruptcy is an important refuge in the law for those who have no alternative but to make a fresh financial start. Failure to properly prepare and file Bankruptcy forms can tie up your case for months in court and even prevent you from discharging your debts. Trust us to provide the reliable, state-specific forms and information you need. That’s been our goal at US Legal since opening our doors in 1997.

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