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Business to Business Products

Whether you are a sole proprietor, small business, law firm, major corporation or Fortune 500 company, US Legal ™ offers innovative solutions for business legal needs and opportunities to do business with us.

Some of the ways US Legal ™ works with businesses are through Legal Form Partnerships, Content Licensing, Legal Form Employee Benefits Packages, and Attorney Directory Listings.

Legal Form Partnerships

US Legal products are in high demand. If you have a website and want to grow revenue from your site by marketing our products, we invite you to become a member of the U.S. Legal Forms Affiliate Program. Our affiliates earn 20% commissions on form sales generated from their users. For details and online application see http://www.uslegalforms.com/partners.htm.

US Legal

is also looking to partner with companies who serve the needs of our customers. If your business provides a product or service that could be of interest to consumers, small businesses or attorneys, contact us about becoming a Strategic Partner. For our current listing of strategic partners, see http://www.uslegalforms.com/strategicpartners/.

Content Licensing

US Legal offers small businesses and companies subscriptions to our legal forms database. More than 2000 forms are available in each subscription including employment, business letters, contracts, commercial lease, buy sell agreements, corporate, LLC, business sale, and technology to name a few. For more information on small business and corporation subscriptions, visit http://www.formspass.com/.

Legal Form Employee Benefit Package

US Legal offers substantial discount savings to small business and corporations who wish to extend the benefit of legal planning to its employees. HR Departments can contact US Legal to see about implementing a Legal Forms Employee Benefit package for all employees. Life Documents Planning Packages contain essential legal forms including will, living will, and power of attorney documents. The package is an important tool in assisting your employees with getting their legal affairs in order.

Attorney Directory Listings

US Legal’s Attorney Directory can help your law firm broaden its reach to prospective clients. Thousands of visitors come to US Legal sites daily looking for legal forms, legal information and legal assistance. All attorneys are welcome to apply for a listing. See http://lawyers.uslegal.com/ for more details.

More Information

For more information about the b2b products, please contact us.