Attorney Products and Users

Attorneys built and maintain the products and content provided on US Legal and attorneys are among our most important users.

US Legal products are designed to assist attorneys in conducting their business more efficiently and profitably. Attorneys in all US jurisdictions turn to US Legal sites daily to assist them with their practice needs.

Among the offerings US Legal provides to attorneys are legal forms, marketing services, subscriptions, and form preparation and paralegal services.

Legal Forms

US Legal has worked hard to earn its reputation in the legal forms publishing industry as the leading online provider of The Forms Professional Trust Ā®. We know attorneys need forms that are statutorily compliant. US now lists more than 70,000 state-specific legal forms which are drafted in the required language and style needed to conform to the laws of each state. The production staff, comprised of attorneys, research and update legal forms to account for variations and revisions in state law.

Marketing Services

More and more consumers are gathering legal information over the Internet. With that in mind, a law firm must increase its online visibility in order to maintain a competitive threshold. US Legal’s Attorney Directory can help your firm broaden its reach to prospective clients.

US Legal’s Attorney Directory is available to all users of US and to thousands of library patrons across the United States. All attorneys are welcome to apply for a listing. For more information, visit our Attorney Directory.

Legal Form Subscriptions

US Legal is pleased to offer attorneys comprehensive access to forms in its database.

FormsPass is an online legal forms subscription service which provides attorneys and law firms nationwide with immediate access to thousands of business, personal, litigation and other forms as well as federal forms. FormsPass also offers court samples of actual pleadings and documents filed in the public record.

Some of the most requested forms by attorneys are corporate, LLC, pleadings, and complex forms. The forms range from a couple of pages in length to more than a hundred.

Annual subscription rates for FormsPass start at $695. Learn more at

Form Preparation and Paralegal Services

Attorneys and law firms needing additional assistance with document preparation and staffing such as paralegals can now outsource projects to US Legal Support Services. Let us know your needs and requirements.

More Information

For more information attorney products, pleaseĀ contact us.