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Attorney Practice Area Sponsorship

If you generally limit your practice to no more than three (3) practice areas or only practice in one area of law you can apply to sponsor one (1) practice area in your State. The cost will vary dpendiing on your State and practice area.

If approved you will be provided with pricing to accept.
  • Terms and Conditions

    1. General: If you are approved to sponsor a practice area in your State and you accept the pricing, you will receive a profile page on USLegal, Inc., or link to your directory listing on all of the following that relate to your sponsored practice area and State:

    a. All pages of uslegal.com
    b. Definitions.uslegal.com
    c. Answers.uslegal.com
    d. lawyers.uslegal.com
    e. yourpracticearea.uslegal.com

    You will also receive the TOP listing in the USLegal attorney directory for your practice area and State.

    2. Existing and Additional Content: Although you may be shown as the sponsor, you shall not be responsible for any existing or added content within your practice area unless the content was added by you. USLegal agrees to indemnity and hold you harmless for any and all liability associated with all existing and added content not added by you.

    3. Leads: You agree to respond to all leads which are likely to result in full or unbundled legal services within a reasonable time.

    4. Guarantee: In the event you are not satisfied with the sponsorship, you may cancel on ten (10) days notice.

    5. Termination: USLegal may terminate your sponsorship with or without cause on ten (10) days notice.

    6. Fees and Payments: You agree to pay any and all fees attributed to your sponsorship either at the time of your aproval and acceptance of the fees or within ten (10) days of receiving an invoice.

    A finance charge of 1% of the unpaid balance per month will be added to all unpaid statements.

    7. Approval not Endorsement: Approval of your sponsorship shall not constitute an endorsement by USLegal to the public of the quality of your services and you shall remain solely responsbible for any and all claims by third-parties and shall indemnify and how USLegal harmless for same.

    8. Amendment: USLegal may amend these terms at any time while providing notice to Sponsor. Sponsor may accept the amendment, or reject the amendment and terminate.

    9. Governing Law: These terms shall be goverened by the laws of the State of New York.

    10. Entire Terms: Other than these terms, there are no other agreements, oral or written, between USLegal and Sponsor concerning this sponsorship.

    Last Updated: December 1, 2016